Negotiation Insights

A resource of quick tips and analysis of highly effective, real life negotiation strategies.

Collaborating to create value: Power to the people

Too often business people rely on positional power and short-term transactional behaviours to reach their outcomes. To create value and nurture cooperation, these need to be substituted with long term thinking with the relationships interests in mind, particularly when there are differing geographical locations, cultures, educations, ages and views on how to reach an outcome. 

Breaking deadlocks: AFL resolves stalemate

Negotiating with people who hold a firm position and create obstacles can be difficult, particularly when reaching agreement lacks a full appreciation of how future conditions can impact on the parties involved.  

Negotiation preparation: Prime Minster wins election

In his final parliamentary summary for 2010 the Australian Federal Opposition Leader, Mr Abbott, said, “I should acknowledge that the Prime Minster has been a ferocious competitor this year and I should congratulate her on her success. She may not have won the election handsomely but she certainly won the negotiation, and that takes considerable skill.” 

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