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The Anatomy of Negotiation

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This is the gift that keeps giving. The Anatomy of Negotiation, is a book by Wayne Harrison that gives you the latest tools to do the right thing the right way at the right time.
It will provide you with the communication strategies and negotiation frameworks needed to form new skills, improve processes, be a better leader, and make your relationships and outcomes more predictable.

The information in this book is based on extensive research and experienced practitioners, who have participated in and advised on high-stakes negotiations and conflicts that have resulted in practical value-creating outcomes.


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Psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) once wrote, "If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."

"Wayne Harrison's book, From Hope to Strategy - The Anatomy of Negotiation, supplies the reader with the additional tools to adequately stock their negotiator's toolbox, preparing them for success in negotiations, no matter what obstacles they may confront in their business or private lives.

Mr. Harrison takes the reader through the steps of Preparation, Process, and Practices in negotiation strategies, and clearly makes his points by consistently citing "real-life" examples that further clarify the teaching points presented throughout his book. The relevance of this study to the law enforcement crisis and hostage negotiator cannot be overstated. This book, and the knowledge it puts forth, can truly enhance a negotiator's ability to become more successful, and in my line of work, this means it can save lives." 

Michael H.Baker, Senior SWAT Tactical Element Leader and Crisis/Hostage Negotiator with the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles, California USA.

"This book can influence the methods of established techniques, usually applied in negotiations and business communications. Wayne Harrison describes many aspects and ways of a successful negotiation leading to a desirable outcome.

The book contains a thoughtful, sometimes unique analysis of different strategies during the often intricate and demanding negotiation period. The authors many years of experience within the international negotiation area provides a solid base for his conclusions.

The message of this book is refreshing and modernist, compared to many similar elaborations.

I recommend The Anatomy of Negotiation as a valuable tool for anyone who is concerned of this type of professional activities."

Dr Janusz Kedzior MD PhD, Retired Chief Psychiatrist and Chief Physician, Head of Psychiatric Department, Southern Stockholm General Hospital, Sweden

"Wayne Harrison has produced an extensively researched and well written anatomy of negotiation that combines theoretical insight with first hand practical experience from a well seasoned practitioner. His insight clearly highlights the importance of managing both process and content in negotiation as the key to success. I would thoroughly recommend this as a must read book for anyone preparing for a complex or challenging negotiation."

Matthew Rowland, Managing Director, Jasol

"Having worked throughout my career with elite special forces, law enforcement and international sporting teams and individuals, I am a firm believer in the need for detailed planning, preparation and execution. These are the things that served me well in high intensity and dangerous environments.

In this book, Wayne provides a simple but highly effective framework and methods for not only engaging in successful negotiations, but for dealing with conflict and building effective, long term relationships. While some of us instinctively know a few of these techniques, Wayne's insight and highly validated approach help to understand it in context and add great value to all executives and managers who need these skills."

Reg Crawford, Retired and Decorated Special Forces Officer, Australian SAS

"A comprehensive & practical insight into "negotiation" art so wonderfully articulated by Wayne Harrison and is sure to become a mandatory handbook for leaders in business who are confronted with complex negotiations every day"

Peter Reber, Director First Point Group

"Like a fine wine the concepts in this excellent book need to be consumed slowly and with reflection. The value comes out when reflection moves to insight in how things can be better in many ways – not just winning but in truly more satisfactory outcomes for all parties in the long term. We are in the business of long term relationships so the respect of all parties we are dealing with is an important outcome.

The concepts in this book have been used by us for the last 15 years with very considerable growth in our business and an improvement in our relationships with customers, our staff and business partners largely driven by us understanding the concepts of negotiation at a staff level as well as a management level.

I recommend treating this book as a valuable source of wisdom – so take the time to consume it and reflect on how you can use the concepts to improve both your business and personal life."

David Jackman, CEO, Pronto Software

"From Hope to Strategy" challenges the preconception that only tough negotiators are successful negotiators. It is not toughness that makes a difference, but rather their preparation and self-awareness that comes from separating the Content and Process, and this book is an inspiring guide to doing so. As much of what a CEO does every day involves negotiation, the practical methods and handy tips provided by Wayne can help us find the path to improved outcomes and more harmonious and productive relationships."

Mark Valena, CEO, GMHBA Limited