In Focus: Black Friday Negotiation Strategies

In Focus: Black Friday Negotiation Strategies

Let’s reflect on Black Friday and the shopping extravaganza of the year by focusing on a crucial aspect: Single Issue Negotiations. How do you navigate a negotiation when the other party insists on fixating on just one issue?

Unleashing the power of Multi-Issue Negotiations

Skilled negotiators transcend the one-dimensional battleground of price by introducing multiple issues into the conversation. This strategic move transforms the negotiation into a collaborative dance, uncovering differing preferences that can spark concession exchanges with low costs and high values. It's time to elevate your Black Friday game with these proven strategies:

Say “Yes” to Possibilities, not “No” to Price. Instead of shutting down negotiations with a flat "no", respond with a conditional "yes". Imagine purchasing a new fridge on Black Friday. Rather than rejecting the price outright, say "yes" on the condition that it includes an extended warranty and free delivery. Watch as the negotiation field expands, creating new issues such as loyalty programs and referrals. Now the deal can be bundled and the discounts packaged in ways that leave both parties victorious.

Flexibility is Key. Negotiations are dynamic, not static. A "no" today might transform into a "yes" tomorrow, especially when dealing with a salesperson who might have surplus inventory post-Black Friday. Keep your timeline flexible and adapt to changing circumstances.

Craft Competitive Alternatives. Arm yourself with competitive alternatives, using them as leverage for matching prices or, if necessary, walking away. Remember, the power of negotiation lies not just in the deal but in the options you hold.

Self-coaching tips

  • Leverage competitive alternatives by opening first. This will capitalise on the anchoring effect to set reference points in your favour.
  • Shape how the negotiation is managed by carefully framing and sequencing issues, who is involved, and the optimal timing.
  • Next Black Friday, rise above the ordinary and embrace the art of negotiation to transform single-issue standoffs into multi-dimensional victories. 


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