What We Do

To make your COVID-19 renegotiations more predictable, ask about our 'Virtual Negotiation Preparation Simulations'.

We promote collaboration by starting with an outcomes together mindset. The supporting tools and techniques then build the common ground that motivates each side to give discretionary effort. This is followed by providing the process creativity that is needed to co-create value, and connect the gap between each parties aspiration and reality.


Specialist Consulting & Virtual Simulations

Examples of where our specialist consulting know how has achieved more predictable outcomes include:

  • Enterprise agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organisational change and stakeholder engagement
  • Commercial contracts and tenders
  • Culture and vision alignment of boards, strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Pricing strategies and development of unique selling propositions


Professional Development Programs

Our professional development programs are accredited by the CPD Standards Office. Examples of the professional development programs we design and deliver include:

From Hope To Strategy

Advanced Communication & Negotiation Skills

By participating in our signature program you will gain a comprehensive negotiation framework and the communication skills needed to optimise your outcomes. In addition you will build stronger relationships and turn differences over strategy, culture, scarce resources and future risks into mutual gains. To learn more  click here

The Sales Negotiator

Learn Fast Win Fast

This leading edge program is well suited to sales professionals who want to improve the predictability of their outcomes. It recognises negotiated outcomes in sales are a process and provides a proven methodology to enable Win/Win outcomes. To learn more  click here

Leadership Without Authority

The Power of Process

This unique program is ideal for team building at your next conference. It gives participants involved with matrix management, shared services and alliances, insights about how soft power and joint problem solving can unlock hidden value. To learn more  click here

The following workshops are customised to help individuals get discretionary effort from others, particularly when there is a need to manage culture, diversity and inclusiveness. To learn more please phone 1300 808 992 or email  inquiries@pathfindersdownunder.com.au

Practical Ways To Collaborate

Perspectives & Pathways

Empowering Director Effectiveness

Influence In The Boardroom

Managers As Mediators

Relate, Resolve & Restore Relationships