Negotiation Quiz


Test your negotiation knowledge by completing this 5 minute online quiz.

Statement 1

Skilled negotiators have clear outcomes and strengthen their position by building strong alternatives prior to a negotiation.

Statement 2

Skilled negotiators focus on how the negotiations will be managed before they negotiate the subject matter.

Statement 3

Skilled negotiators withhold information and focus on a single issue to minimise differences.

Statement 4

Skilled negotiators locate and build common ground to develop rapport. They do this from a subject matter and relationship perspective.

Statement 5

Skilled negotiators develop influencing strategies based on the needs of the other party.

Statement 6

Skilled negotiators are more likely to use statements to persuade the other party.

Statement 7

Skilled negotiators can be tough or tender depending on the desired outcome.

Statement 8

Skilled negotiators do not argue over future conditions, they build predictability and verify trust by using contingent agreements.

Statement 9

Skilled negotiators break deadlocks by focusing the other party on the substantive issue that is causing the deadlock.

Statement 10

Skilled negotiators view concession exchanges as an opportunity to claim value from the other party.



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Statement 1 Answer:

True | Skilled negotiators are clear on the outcome they want to achieve and develop strong alternatives to avoid accepting unreasonable demands and a sub optimal outcome.

Statement 2 Answer:

True | Skilled negotiators get agreement on the negotiation process to ensure the opportunity to create value is maximised. This includes procedural items such as who is involved, location, meeting protocols and the issues sequencing and pacing.

Statement 3 Answer:

False | Skilled negotiators divulge more information and create multiple issues. By divulging, the other party is more likely to reciprocate with information that creates new opportunities and value.

Statement 4 Answer:

True | Skilled negotiators focus on building common ground to develop rapport and get a positive response. This can include relationship issues such as values and visions, along with subject issues such as a long term contract and agreed standards.

Statement 5 Answer:

True | Skilled negotiators know the other party will have needs that include security, acceptance, respect, recognition and reputation. By identifying the other parties needs the skilled negotiator can design an effective influencing strategy.

Statement 6 Answer:

False | Skilled negotiators ask more questions. They do this to demonstrate empathy, test assumptions and control the conversations direction.

Statement 7 Answer:

True | Skilled negotiators reward behaviours they want repeated and rebuke those that negatively impact on the relationship.

Statement 8 Answer:

True | Skilled negotiators recognise that neither side can fully predict the future. Rather than argue over differences they build contingencies for future uncertainties.

Statement 9 Answer:

False | Skilled negotiators focus on changing the negotiation process when both sides are deadlocked. Examples include changing the timing, location and lead negotiators.

Statement 10 Answer:

False | Skilled negotiators view concession exchanges as an opportunity to jointly problem solve and create value. A way of doing this is to create exchanges that are low cost and high value to each side.