Our Principles



Being impartial and providing assessments that can be challenged


Finding new and better ways to reach outcomes


Collectively leveraging our know-how and experiences through teamwork, open communication, reliability and mutual commitment


Adhering to the highest standards


Achieving an outcome by co-creating value

By collaborating with us you can:

Obtain a proven problem-solving methodology to negotiate, resolve conflicts, create value, measure your effectiveness and align key stakeholders

Understand the underlying causes of conflict, and frameworks that enable individuals and organisations to collaborate more effectively

Correct damaged relationships by using new diagnostic and planning tools

Quickly acquire new skills to identify hidden sources of value and manage difficult personalities

Build more innovative agreements and protect yourself from those who are less scrupulous

Improve your leadership effectiveness and performance when issues involve divergent views over strategy, culture, scarce resources and future risks

Increase your situational awareness, confidence and control by knowing where you and your counterpart are in the negotiation process